A Bride’s BFF creates modern, sophisticated weddings and events that are artfully planned and executed in the Washington D.C. area. They believe that couples should spend the first day of their marriage making memories to someday share with their children and grandchildren, instead of worrying about all the logistics.

For this project, we are creating a new brand and website for Mimi to showcase her unique talent and luxe planning packages.


Brand Development
Logo Design
Print + Digital Design
WordPress Website Design


The inspiration for this brand is bold, playful, and feminine. I took a softer approach with the color scheme, using a peachy pink, deep emerald green, and a mustard yellow that will appeal to the modern woman. The vibe is fun and free-spirited without being overly formal, like other planners, or too beachy, like a destination wedding planner. It’s the perfect combination of vibrance and clean, light design. We’ll also  use gold textures to compliment your brand.


Here’s a look at your brand overall – this shows you how everything comes together to create one cohesive identity. Your main logo will be used in large spaces, your logo variation and submark allows you to use your logo in smaller spaces and gives you some versatility so that you don’t get tired of the same design. Your color palette is soft and feminine yet playful. I chose Didot because it is a classic serif font and Montserrat, because it is a modern font with slightly rounded edges, which gives it a friendly, fun vibe – both fonts are free to download and use, so you’ll have no problem using them later on!

For your patterns – I created an abstract design that uses 3 of your main colors. It’s not structured, so it gives off a very playful, fun vibe. The second pattern is more structured, using your BFF “monogram.” (see additional pattern designs below) For a texture, we’ll be using a  gold foil, it’s just not shown in the brand board. 

Your brand elements will be used to layer on other designs – I changed the circle design to include your full business name, added a simple “bff” design that can be used on stickers or labels, and kept the original “b” design (the words for this can be interchanged if needed – in the original presentation I included two “b’s” with two different wordings, but the design was the exact same so just didn’t include both on your brand board!)  


Here’s some additional pattern designs that I came up with – the first two are explained in Brand Board Section above. 

The multi-colored “BFF” just shows you how you can use the pattern in different colors. 

I created a heart pattern that is fun and aligns with the wedding portion of your event planning business. The 5th design shows the hearts in multi-color. The final deisgn is your “BFF” monogram w/ a heart. 

The extra designs are complimentary, if you’d like to use them I’ll upload them to your final designs folder in Google Drive. 



Once you’ve reviewed the brand board, please comment on the task in Asana with any feedback you have. If everything looks good, then mark the task complete and we can move forward with designing your collateral items!