Alex is an accomplished real estate agent in Dallas, TX who helps others purchase and sell their personal or investment properties. He also rehabs homes, so he is super knowledgeable and brings a unique experience to his clients since he could potentially be the one purchasing their property! Alex works under the ERA Cornerstone brokerage, but wanted to break out of the traditional real estate mold and create a personal brand for himself.

We worked together to redefine how he’ll interact with his clients through his new modern, masculine brand and WordPress website design.


Brand Development
Logo Design
Print + Digital Design
WordPress Website Design


Here’s a look at your brand overall – this shows you how everything comes together to create one cohesive identity. Your main logo will be used in larger spaces while your variation will be used in smaller spaces and your brand elements will be used to layer with other designs throughout your branding to give it more versatility. 

Below, I’ll explain some of the additional designs in depth. 


Your personal signature is something you can use no matter what brokerage you are working for or what business you’re in. The tagline “luxury real estate” can easily be switched out to anything you want.  


Your color palette is masculine and luxurious with a classic navy and soft variations of blue and grey. These colors represent a calming and trustworthy vibe. 


The texture used for your brand is a light, modern wooden texture. Textures aren’t always used in print or online branding materials but can actually be used in office spaces, in decor elements, signage, etc. that represent the overall vibe of your brand. In this case, you could use this texture as the wood posts for your for sale signs, a wooden tray to hold cookies/goodies at an open house, a wicker basket in this wood color filled with items that could be sent to clients to congratulate them on their new home, or flooring in office space, etc.

One of your patterns uses the shapes from your monogram to create a new design that is similar but not exactly the same. This gives your brand a little more variation and versatility. 

A second pattern uses your exact monogram. It can be used in various brand colors.  


Once you’ve reviewed your brand board, please comment on the task in Asana with any feedback or if everything looks good, please mark the task complete.