Gretchen is a talented artist in Kansas City who creates unique sculpted, mixed media acrylic paintings of trees and nature settings. Her paintings bring a little magic to any room or office and would be the perfect addition to your home!

For this project, we are creating a new brand and website for Gretchen to showcase her unique talent and sell her artwork.


Brand Development
Logo Design
Print + Digital Design
WordPress Website Design


Here’s a look at your brand overall – this shows you how everything comes together to create one cohesive identity. Your main logo will be used in large spaces, your logo variation and submark allows you to use your logo in smaller spaces and gives you some versatility so that you don’t get tired of the same design. The Brand Elements are accents to your brand and will be layered with other designs, to give it more depth.

I’ve used a brushed silvery gold as the main texture for your brand. Metallics don’t look great on the web but they look awesome in print so we’ll use metallics more in your collateral items!

Your color palette is soft, muted nudes with a splash of green and pink and metallic. These color combinations are very dreamy, whimsical and natural. They won’t compete with your bolder colors in your artwork and will compliment them nicely.

For your fonts, I chose Playfair Display, a great classic font choice, and Gotham Condensed, a more modern font. They pair nicely together and will help pull that modern farmhouse vibe your ideal client would be drawn to.

For your patterns, I used your tree icon in the silvery gold metallic and chose an abstract striped design that is similar to brush strokes. Both patterns can be used in other metallic colors (gold, rose gold, copper, etc.) and the background colors can be changed for any of your brand colors, depending on what you want to use it for!


Once you’ve reviewed your brand board, please mark the task complete. If you have any edits to make please comment on the task.