FeBody is fresh, fun, and modern! Who wouldn't want to workout with Heather Klaassen after viewing this dazzling website and all the awesome resources she has to offer?

Heather first came to me for a full brand and custom Wordpress website. Throughout the process she was so open to all my recommendations and trusted me to implement multiple features that would really add value to her site and set her apart from her competitors. The young, fresh vibe of this brand really brings her business to life! 

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 The inspiration for this brand came from one of the owner's favorite colors. I added an electric pop of green to compliment the teal. This is a fun, energizing brand that will make you want to get up and move! 




I built a lot of custom site features that included a monthly bootcamp for those who weren't ready to commit to full-time training, a resource library with easy to find tips and tricks, a newsletter, content opt-ins and a paypal payment system for clients to pay online. The monthly bootcamp gives Heather passive income because she is able to reuse past clients workouts and meal plans, the resource library, newsletter, and content opt-ins allow her to grow her email list and engagement, which translates into more sales, and the paypal system gives her clients the convenience of paying for their services online.