Plum Egg Donors is a high-end fertility center that helps match egg donors with potential parents who really want to start or expand their families. They empower women to take control of their reproductive health by advocating for egg donors to be compensated for their time and educating them on their own fertility options for the future. 

Philanthropy is also a huge part of their brand and a percentage of each match is given to help children in foster care and with adoption costs. 

For this project, we are creating a logo for their main brand that can grow with their business as they expand into a full-service family development agency. 


Logo Design
Mini Color Palette
Social Media Graphics


This design has a modern edge that will appeal to younger egg donors and higher-end clientele/parents. The bold look stands out from the traditional designs used in your industry and positions you as a luxury fertility center.

It also transitions well to your future jewelry/gift line and would look great on packaging. I can see this design becoming a full fertility brand that goes beyond just medical care and extends into lifestyle – prenatal vitamins, a fertility subscription box, etc.

The hand-lettered “P” adds a feminine touch that softens the design just enough to create a caring, spa-like feeling while still remaining modern and cutting-edge.

The variation is a simplified version of main logo and you can use it either with the tagline underneath, as shown, or without.

The hand-lettered “P” is combined with the infinity symbol to represent the connection between donor and parent as well as the never-ending love a parent has for their child.


Here’s how your design would look in real life. These mock-ups are not final designs but serve as examples so you can envision your brand.



This logo design has refined and sophisticated details. The lettering has slight cut-outs that symbolize the sacrifices egg donors and parents make on their fertility journey. The “U” and “M” share the same line, which represents the coming together of the egg donor and parent and the lifelong connection they have.

The brand mark is an abstract combination of the letter “P,” one of the symbols for fertility/life/rebirth, and the infinity sign. It would be used subtly throughout your brand and has a chic, organic feel to it. The oval shape around the design represents a “keyhole” and the idea would be to use a key design for the jewelry/gift extension of your brand as a way to connect the two brands.

Your logo variation is a simplified version of your main logo. The vertical design includes a tagline but the word “Plum” can also stand alone. The horizontal logo variation leaves out the agency part of your name for a minimalistic look.

Here you can see a bigger version of the “P” symbol – I used your business name, founding year, and the 3 areas you said you wanted to target (CA, NV, and AZ.) If you’d like to just have one location instead, we can change that. The business name could also be switched out for a phrase.


Here’s how your design would look in real life. These mock-ups are not final designs but serve as examples so you can envision your brand.



Once you’ve reviewed your logo designs please comment on the task in Asana with the design you like the best and any feedback you have.