10th Avenue Gypsies (or possibly Sandhill Valley Gypsies!) is Wichita’s premier stop for handmade goods and homemade Sandhill Plum jelly and desserts. The Puthoff ladies bring life back to vintage and antique home furnishings and decor and they also create custom woodwork and various other designs that will compliment your home and serve as great gifts!


Brand Development
Logo Design
Print + Digital Design


This logo has a vintage, retro vibe that fits your style of goods but is still modern and cute. It’s different than what you’d probably normally gravitate towards – it’s not too rustic or shabby chic, which is what makes it unique and will help your products stand out!

In the image to the right – you’ll see a main logo and logo variation, which can both be used interchangeably, and a logo submark, which can be layered with your logo to give it depth and versatility.  

The rectangle design is just part of a potential label and I was just messing around a bit with the design for fun!



These mockups are for presentation only and help you visualize what this logo option would look like in real life!

I created a mockup of a jelly jar, so you can see how although the logo may have a vintage/retro vibe, it can still be combined with more rustic things – like a mason jar and hand drawn florals. And actually now looking at the jar, I think Sand Plum is supposed to be 2 words and also called Sandhill Plum haha?! Oops, sorry it’s late 🙂

For the second mockup, I’m showing you how the logo would look on a hang tag. You could use these tags to price your products at shows and booths you may set up!


This logo is a little more feminine and shabby chic. Gayla you’ll probably notice that this design hasn’t changed much from what I originally showed you when you were here. I’m still trying to make that “swirly” design work lol! So with logos (both this and the one above) you really want to give it some detail and depth to help make it stand out – we don’t want to just use your business name and a symbol or shape. That’s why you’ll see the use of a tagline (vintage revivals – which can be changed out for literally any tagline you want) and the location (which can also be switched out for an Est. 2018, or something else).

You’ll then see with the logo variation, we can take out all those extra elements and simplify the design, so you have a more “formal” logo and then a more “casual” logo, both can be used interchangeably.

This logo can also be layered with florals and other designs, as you can see on the jelly jar below!


These mockups are for presentation only and help you visualize what this logo option would look like in real life! Same explanation for these mockups as listed above. And also note that any of the colors can be switched out for another one! Same with packaging of jelly jar, if you liked this one better with the colorful band and florals, we can easily switch out logos if you prefer option #1, etc.  


This was just an extra doodling design I’m throwing out there – it kinda falls into same design style as #1 but is a little more modern. I didn’t spend much time refining this design and I didn’t create any mockups for it.


Once you’ve reviewed the logo options, please email your choice to kadynmiller@southernnobleco.com and let me know if you need me to design anything else for you – like business cards, hang tags (with specific product info on them), signs, stickers, etc. I can’t remember when your show is… if it’s super soon, I might not have enough time get a bunch of stuff done, but can definitely help you out with the most important things!