Star is the designer behind Rejuvenation Home Studio, a full service interior design firm in Florida. She is dedicated to  designing spaces that merge the spirit of her client’s personality with the essence of the space they are designing for in order to bring life into each client’s home or business. Her style is classy, eclectic, and chic.

For this project, we are creating a new brand and website for Star to showcase her unique talent and luxe interior design packages.


Brand Development
Logo Design
Print + Digital Design
WordPress Website Design


Here’s a look at your brand overall – This shows you how everything comes together to create one cohesive identity. Your main logo will be used in larger spaces while your variation can be used in smaller spaces. I’ve created a hand lettered signature for you that you can use to sign off on thank you letters, blog posts, newsletters, and other personal marketing materials. Your brand elements can be layered with other designs throughout your branding, to give things more versatility and to add that extra touch. 

We refined your brand monogram and it looks great with those extra details! 

Below, I’ll explain some of the additional designs in depth.   


We’re using Kelly Green as a splash of color against the neutrals and greys as your main brand colors. A gold texture will look great with these colors. 

**Optional extra colors – A navy or peachy pink are also optional colors to accent your brand if you want a little something extra with the Kelly Green. (one or the other, not both!)


For one of the patterns I am using a classy geometric print that reminds me a little bit of a tile floor – there are so many different ways you can style this pattern – It can be in any of your brand colors with a combination of any brand colors as your background. We can also layer a texture with it to give it a little extra detail. You are not limited to just the grey color of pattern that is in your brand board! 

Same with your monogram pattern – It can be in any of your brand colors! 

These patterns will mostly be used in print marketing materials – such as the back of a thank you card or as an envelope liner. 


Once you’ve reviewed your brand board please let me know if you’d like to use the navy or peach as an additional accent color to your brand (we would  not use a lot just a little bit!) and then comment with any feedback on the task in Asana and mark complete when done!